We are all unwitting, unwilling, or active participants in a war of information which has been cold for decades, and has recently combusted. This is my contribution which I hope is accurate and honest reporting, but which undeniably has a side.

More info: Portland Police maintaining a policy of excessive force against American citizens and the culture of violence it spawns How the rest of the world sees us This is for all the conservatives Just some light kidnapping An interview with the directors of the series “Immigration Nation”

Chicken Mole

Moles are almost as varied in ingredients as are the locations in which they are served and eaten in. This is a “simple” (simple because I didn’t make the mole) recipe for a chicken mole stew. Ingredients: Whole Chicken 8.25 oz Mole Poblano Paste 5 Carrots 2 Cups Cauliflower Florets 64 oz Chicken Stock 1Continue reading “Chicken Mole”

Horchata Ice Pops

This is a very simple horchata recipe which can be prepped the night before and only takes a few minutes to make. This recipe contains dairy. Also there are ice pops. Ingredients: 1 Cup Rice 1 Cup Milk 1 tsp Vanilla Extract 2 tsp Cinnamon at least 1/2 Cup White Granulated Sugar Frozen Mango FrozenContinue reading “Horchata Ice Pops”


This is a quick and easy way to make street corn on the stove. Ingredients: 3 ears Sweet Corn Canned Diced JalapeƱo Crema Fresca Tajin Seasoning (or chili powder, paprika and lime if Tajin is not available) Cotija Cheese (crumbled) Total Time: Less than 10 minutes Makes: 3 Cooking Instructions: Elote is grilled corn whichContinue reading “Elote”


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I’m Aaron. I’ve been a full-time caregiver for my mother who has dementia since 2017. I’ve loved eating my entire life and loved cooking for almost as long. This blog is a chance for me to share that visceral pleasure and also a way for me to share a little bit of my mom’s life. She’s my inspiration and my joy!

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